Daily texts at your chosen time. If you don't respond within the specified period - from 6 to 72 hours - then we email your contacts, prompting them to reach out and see if you are okay.

You can pause the daily check-in between specific dates.

You can still respond to daily texts even if you’ve missed the notifications.

Encrypted instructions that only and your chosen contact(s) can access when you are incapacitated (e.g. lawyer name, veterinarians, location of your will)

Only shared with your contacts if you fail to respond within your specified time period, so they can find you through your phone’s last known location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to subscribe?

Yes, this is a paid service with a free 30-day trial period.  You can subscribe on a monthly basis at $1.99/month or annually at $19.99/year.  You can cancel any time during the trial period without incurring penalty. 

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel any time during the 30-day trial period.  If you cancel once regular subscription starts, your subscription will stay active through the end of that subscription month.  We do not offer prorated refunds.

Who would benefit from your services?

Single people can definitely benefit from our daily check-ins.  Our service works well for people who are concerned about elderly parents or relatives living far away.  And parents with young adults who have left the nest to attend school or work.

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