Frequently Asked Questions

What does "DooriGo mean?

DooriGo is a combination of Korean and English words. ‘Doori’ is a Korean word that means ‘two people’, so DooriGo means ‘go together’.

What is your mission?

Life is full of uncertainties. We can be healthy and independent one minute, then facing a crisis the next. For many independent people, we’d like for our friends and family to check in but not burden them. We act as the bridge in helping you and your chosen contacts to stay connected at your preferred frequency. We help people to check in on you when an unexpected emergency strikes.

Who would benefit from your services?

Single people can definitely benefit from our daily check-ins. Our service works well for people who are concerned about elderly parents or relatives living far away. And parents with young adults who have left the nest to attend school or work.

How does the daily check-in work?

Let’s say you’ve signed up for a daily text at 10 AM. You have selected 24 hours after which we’ll reach out to your contact(s) if you don’t respond to our daily texts. On May 1st, you failed to respond to the daily check-in. If we don’t get a response after 10:30 AM on May 2nd (there’s a 30-minute grace period from your selected time), automated emails will be sent to your contact(s).

What is Need2Know?

In case you are incapacitated, you might want to leave specific instructions for certain people (e.g. where to take your dog, lawyer’s name, location of the will). You’ll get a private encrypted key that only you and the chosen contact(s) can access. Please keep your key in a safe location as you’ll lose access to existing instructions if you lose it.

Do I need to subscribe?

Yes, this is a paid service with a free 30-day trial period. You can subscribe on a monthly basis at $1.99/month or annually at $15.99/year. You can cancel any time during the trial period without incurring penalty.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel any time during the 30-day trial period. If you cancel once regular subscription starts, your subscription will stay active through the end of that subscription month. We do not offer prorated refunds.

Does DooriGo share my contact information? Does DooriGo respect my privacy?

We will not share your information without your permission. Take a look at our privacy policy.

Can I sign up on someone else’s behalf? For example, I might want to enroll my mother, who lives out of state.

Unfortunately not at this time due to privacy and other restrictions. Your mother will need to download the app and sign up.

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